Postcard Series: Jomalig Hoops | Quezon

Unlike our football-crazy neighboring countries, the Philippines is a nation mad about Basketball. Kids, even from far flung island of Jomalig knows who Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are. You could see them imagining themselves in Game 7 end-game situation, counting down 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2 before launching a shot that would clinch a championship. While it remains a dream to see a Filipino basketball player in the NBA, kids will continue to shoot balls in makeshift hoops such as this one made of old cooking pot and salvaged timber nailed on a coconut tree. Jomalig Island's #HoopDreams

Postcard Series is a digital throwback to the good ole days of sending postcards to your love ones back home. It consist of a single photograph and a brief narrative of less than 100 words.