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What is #ProjectJomalig Island About?

Project Jomalig aims to introduce infusing together, the joy of traveling and creating strong ties with a local community in one-go. It is projected to create a sustainable program through long-term commitment and cooperation from travelers and local community leaders alike. In this case, the island of Jomalig was chosen because it tops the recent DSWD's list of "Malnourished Towns in the Philippines".

The project is now underway with ocular and two succeeding trips being undergone in the past three months. These earlier trips by organizers and other volunteers have successfully formed a relationship with the people in the island. 

The fishing barangay of Apad was chosen as the concentration point because it is here where majority of the malnourished kids resides. According to their barangay health worker, Ate Gemma "88 of the roughly 200 children from the ages of 12 and below, suffers from severe under-weight".

The solution: #ProjectJomalig - through the combined efforts of travelers, volunteers and donors, a monthly incursion to the island will be organized for a duration that would last a year. These visits will accompany the distribution of multi-vitamins which will help nourish the kids to proper physical growth, mental development and attaining a stronger immune system. Other professional services are also encouraged to be included in the program. ProjectJomalig also plans to help train the local community in applying best practices ideas. Either it is through new livelihood or agricultural programs, there are boundless ways to empower a community. 

The project seeks to train the mothers and the local health office to eventually sustain and continue the nourishment program for a long time to come. So, the more help this project receives, the faster it can surpass its goals. 

How to Help? 

Easy as one-two-three.

This is a non-profit travel package. Meaning all your money will be spent only on transportation fare, accommodation, food and the means to explore the island as well. Only a small amount of 500 pesos will be used to buy multi-vitamins for the kids. (1 bottle per child can last for about a month).

- Simply donate.
You can send it to the project's leading organizer and respected backpacker Journeying James 

You can deposit your payment at

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Name: Christel James Betia
Savings Account Number: 0919-1893-47

Please email the deposit slip on along with your mobile number so we can write your name on the final list. Thanks!

Upcoming trips to Jomalig Island.

-June 14-16: Wave 3 

-July 12-14: Wave 4 

-August 16-18: Wave 5

-September 13-15: Wave 6 

If you have any questions, just feel free to drop me an inquiry via the "contact me" tab at the top of this web page.