Pay it Postcard

During my recent trip to Indonesia, I posted an FB update asking if anyone wants to receive a postcard from me. A few dozen messaged me their postal address, as much as I wanted to accommodate everyone, my budget restriction only allows me to send a few plus some to friends whom I already planned of sending one. The result was a total of 18 postcards showing scenes around Borobudur, stamped and sent via airmail. While walking around Yogyakarta I found a cozy small cafe where I sat down and wrote on it one by one, thereby using my hand again to write after years of using the pen to only sign my name on documents. There I was, again writing long sentences with my penmanship smearing all over the card, hoping it would reach the recipients in no time.
This one is for Aya, she got this after arriving from her coverage of the Yolanda aftermath in Tacloban
That's why I was glad when a couple of weeks later, a few of them started tagging me with the picture of their postcard that I sent from Indonesia. Yey, postal system still works in this day and age of electronic mails, a snail-postcard still finds it way across oceans and continents.
Wawa lives in Taipei, I've known her online since 500 B.C., I will definitely go and meet her in person soon.
I hope the other reaches its destinations soon. I plan to send a few more on my next trip which is going to be in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have also gotten my share of postcards from traveler friends, some of it coming from France, Romania, Czech Republic, England, Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico. So I know that getting one provides a positive vibe that reminds me of the vast possibilities of seeing other parts of our world.

Dazzle is a personal friend, a dotting mother who also have an itchy feet.
Onio was a former colleague, he asked me to send her girls a postcard so they will know how people send mails in the old days.
Ada is another close friend who recently tied the know and is now living in America
Ron is another friend, who moonlights as a cop and a Miley Cyrus impersonator. He is based in Singapore
Lauren, bestfriend - girlfriend then back to bestfriend. I sent her and her teddy bear Tutu a postcard from Myanmar last March

So anybody who wants to receive a postcard from Hanoi or wherever I might end up in the next few years until someone clamped down on me and force me to settle down at gunpoint, just let me know about it.