Creekside Makati | Hotel’s Gritty Character, Good Location and Other Happenstances Equated to a Good Stay

If looks could fool I would have to say Creekside Makati Hotel definitely pulls a fast one on you. It did just that on my first impression of the place, as I stood downstairs while asking myself if I am at the right building. It reminded me of old apartments I’ve seen in movies where cops would always bust open the door to catch a suspect. After confirming with a cigarette vendor lingering outside, I learned that Creekside Hotel situates on the second floor of this 80’s-looking establishment in Amorsolo Street. A few steps away from the equally nostalgic-inducing Makati Cinema Square.

The Entrance of the hotel leads you to a cozy and spacious reception hall

An 80’s ambiance awaited me when I climbed the steps into the second floor where an open space veranda lead me to its neighboring establishments, but before I lost my way, a friendly staff of the hotel pointed me to the entrance. The ageing feel of the building definitely hoodwinked me into expecting Creekside to be in the same throwback vibe. Inside though, a spacious and bright interior with modern furniture manned by two cheery front desk staff greeted me.

Creekside’s Gritty Character is a Definite Plus

I actually found the place cool to my standards because of its olden atmosphere as compared to other hotels that tries hard becoming a modern and hip place – but lacks a character in the process. ‘This is Creekside’s character’ I told myself. ‘A sense of Malate in Makati’

Creekside Makati Hotel's rooms are designed to appear bright and easy to the eyes
My room came with decent floor space just enough for me to store my stuff and move conveniently. It has a double bed, a side table and a wall mounted flat screen TV with an AC and a small shower room. The walls were painted to convey a bright interior – which I always prefer for a hotel room. I lay down on my bed and stared at the ceiling imagining myself as a first time traveler in Makati. “What should a traveler do or explore in this part of Makati” I thought to myself.

That was the last thing I remembered as when I woke up it was already dark and I hurriedly went downstairs to look for something to eat. The answer to my earlier question came to life when I saw the inviting neon lights of “Little Tokyo” located a few steps from Creekside.

Walking Distance to Little Tokyo and Other Interesting Hangout Places (Wholesome and Otherwise)

Little Tokyo is a small compound teeming with Japanese Restaurants popular among many foodies. I have eaten here twice before with my then girlfriend Lauren and her sister the first time and with her again and some friends the second time. Both times I left the place loving the food experience I had.

Little Tokyo is located a few steps from Creekside Hotel
Chalk up one point for Creekside Hotel for being a few strides away from Little Tokyo. I wasn’t even a week detached from my second trip to Japan and I found myself unable to resist the pull of Japanese food. I chose a joint inside and settled for a Ramen in a lonely corner I figured is reserved for solo diners like myself.

It was 7pm and the place was just starting to fill out when I walked and headed back to Creekside. I would love to stay and enjoy more of the place but I thought about doing some work inside my room.

That Interesting (and Mysterious) Glass Door Downstairs and other Cameo Characters

Downstairs of Creekside, just beside the stairs there is this club about to open and through the glass mirror I saw a few women wearing skimpy attires seated and looking as fresh as a debutante. “Oh a mini-aquarium” I once again thought to myself. I could be wrong though as I never explored what’s inside the glass door.

There is a Korean Restaurant and a Karaoke Club located at the first floor of the building where Creekside is at – and a couple other bars and clubs. The night is young and suddenly I feel like wanting to probe what the kind of night life this hood of Makati provides.

The simply but yummy ala carte breakfast at Creekside Makati Hotel
Just like that, I felt like a real Makati tourist feeling the cluelessness of what’s around the bend or at that corner over there. That night I met a midget who was probably on his way to Poblacion, Makati to participate in a wrestling match – as he was carrying a small bag and a set of boxing gloves hanging from his shoulder. I was standing near the aforementioned “Aquarium” fiddling with my phone when he walked by. “Nakapili ka na?” (Have you selected one already?) He asked me with a smile.

I told him “No” and that I live in the area. I also ran into a middle-aged foreigner and his young Filipina girlfriend who also walked by and asked if I had a light. “I don’t smoke sorry” I told him. “Oh, that look miserable you miss a pint of your life if you don’t drink and half (of it) when you don’t smoke” he told me. His girlfriend interrupted him “Healthy living lang si Kuya, you should copy him” she told her foreigner boyfriend. “Nah” he sounds off as they walked away.

I also met up with a Facebook friend, Gennifer who is a fellow travel junkie and we shared a bottle of Red Horse at the nearby Lawson Convenience Store and chatted about travels until midnight. After an hour of conversation we called it a night and I returned to my bed at Creekside Hotel.

Legazpi Sunday Market

Another thing I like about Creekside’s location is just it is only across the road from Legazpi Park where the famed Sunday Market is located. After a good night’s rest at my comfy bed inside my minimalist and clean room I met up with another friend; Clarice who also live in Makati. She took me to the Legazpi Sunday Market and had a mini-foodtrip and nice morning talk. This place is a definite must-check-out (and it deserves a separate blog post in the future).

Legazpi Sunday Market
Will I Recommend Creekside Hotel?

Why not? If you are on a lookout for a nice, clean and budget hotel plus you put more bearing on the location then it’s a YES. Being on ‘tourist mode’ in a city I am already familiar with came naturally because Creekside is located in the part of Makati I have rarely explored before. If a traveler friend would ask me right now where to stay in Makati, I would suggest Creekside Hotel along with a few other hostel options in Poblacion, Makati.

Just like the lively vibe of Poblacion, the area surrounding Creekside is fascinating enough for a night of reconnaissance – the Little Tokyo compound and of course the other cool hangout places, which includes the wholesome and otherwise mysterious joints, dishes a number of reasons to stay out late at night.