Finding a Discounted Hotel Rate Using the Traveloka App

There was a series of meetings I needed to attend to in Manila and look for Apostille services – both for work and leisure (no, it isn't Tinder date) so I decided to examine numerous options online to find an affordable hotel located at the heart of Manila city. I tried all the popular online booking sites and was ready to make a reservation when I chanced upon an advertisement of Traveloka in facebook.

A few moves of a thumb and you're on your way to finding the best deals with Traveloka

I downloaded the app and gave my search another go until I came across the results and was surprised to find the amount of discounted rates available. A hotel I am particularly fond of because of its historic significance; Luneta Hotel – which appears at the range between 3,000 and 4,000 pesos in other booking websites, appeared significantly cheaper at 2,500++ in Traveloka.

Found the best rate here compared to other booking apps and websites
Having only a budget for a one-night stay, I ended up booking for 2-nights at Luneta Hotel. Imagine my satisfaction at the idea of paying less for a whole lot more, namely; the historic vibe, the classic architecture and the strategic location of the hotel which situates just a few blocks from Rizal Park - all thanks to Traveloka. 

Easy-to-use App Interface

Another thing I like the most about Traveloka is its easy-to-use interface as it allows users to finish their business of booking accommodations just after a few clicks. It only take a minute tops, before users are presented with a list of options showing everything one need to know about a hotel; the reviews, rating, price and the fun part – the amount of discount one is going to get.

Traveloka make hotel searching fun with its neat interface
The same process goes when searching for flights, the app’s straightforward approach affords you to book and choose the best deals quickly. 

Same goes with looking for flights
One Stop Information Hubs for Hotels

When you search for hotels, the Traveloka App not only returns with a list of hotels located in the area you specified, each result is also accompanied by useful information such as; Traveloka user ratings, TripAdvisor reviews, hotel policies, hotel features and description, list of nearby attractions and a Google map of its location.

Useful information about the hotel you selected are available for review

Smooth Payment Option

Finally, the last process of my hotel booking involves the smooth payment feature of the app. Users are given all the convenient functions they prefer in paying for their hotel bookings.

How convenient is the payment option hey?
One can pay via debit and credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or Over-the-Counter via bank counters and partner chains such as 7/11, M. Lhuillier and Cebuana Lhuillier.

Don't have Visa or Mastercard? you can pay at these banks
Definitely a Traveler-friendly Booking App
The Traveloka App definitely delivered on my first try. I now look forward to using it more in my upcoming trips as it also comes with a tab for ongoing promos and discounts that will prove very helpful in planning my future travels. 

Click the 'Promo' tab to learn more about ongoing discounts