Keep Chasing Spectacular Wow Moments | A Birthday Essay

It was a bipolar year once again. Just the way I like it. The Gods know me really well. Another set of 360 days and so, filled with sprinkled moments of ‘spectacular wow’, sandwiched with threadbare bouts of sadness, just passed by.

There is something beautiful in reveling in sadness”, given happiness’ brilliance in showering positive energy to my life, I must pay homage to the role of the 'blues’ in shaping the way I look at the world. Without it, my pursuit of bliss will go down in an unremarkable manner.

I am most happy when I find myself lost on the road, walking along unfamiliar streets, slacking at the comforts of home, or when surrounded by families and close friends. I am most sad when I pick up the pieces of a broken heart, when the world seems to implode, and whenever I fall for a girl who is sure to leave my life as fast as she entered it.

Life is finding balance, of the yin and the yang, of the ups and down. I fill my cup with things I desire. Doing so, it overflows and sometimes – some of the things I love end up spilling over.

The great thing about turning a new leaf, a new year. Is that, I can start all over again. Find that right balance where I can travel the road of life and not look back and see some of the things that matters, dropping out of my backpack.

I look forward to reaching the long road ahead, with everything I hold dear safely secured inside my backpack. And yes, it includes the happiness and sadness, the depression and euphoria, the joyful embrace and the sad goodbyes.

Cheers to a new year. I’ve known a lot of you online, but I treasure those few who have taken efforts to get to know me and made me a friend of their own. It blesses me so much knowing that in different parts of the world, I can arrive on a rainy night and knock on someone’s door and be welcomed. I salute you all.