Postcard Series: Ground Zero | Marawi

If seeing the images on news TV isn't bad enough, the moment we walked inside the Marawi siege’s 'ground zero’, reality shook me real bad. Tilted buildings plastered with bullet and rocket holes, homes beyond recognition and personal stuff strewn on the road—clothes, suitcases, stuffed toys—left by fleeing civilians, are too much to process. Outside ground zero, we met some survivors eager to tell their stories. After losing everything, all they have now are narratives of survival. I took a few photos and with each click of my camera, I feel the grim scenes stabbing my heart.

a stuff toy remains in Marawi's Ground Zero

Postcard Series is a digital throwback to the good ole days of sending postcards to your love ones back home. It consist of a single photograph and a brief narrative of less than 100 words.