Jurong Bird Park - Singapore

Still part of our five day trip to Singapore, we visited Jurong Bird Park - a bird enclave landscaped park located at the western part of Jurong Hill. Built in 1971, Jurong has now become one of the most popular bird parks in the world that boasts more than 46 hundred birds representing 380 species, 29 of which are considered endangered.

The free-flight aviary gives the birds the utmost freedom of flying and frolicking with each other in the vast area of the park which was measured at approximately 202,000 square meters. 

The image above are that of the Pink Caribbean Flamingos  - each specie of birds seems to have their own favorite place in the park and you will often see them grouped together with occasional mingling moments with the other kinds of birds. They have like a homeys of their own but fortunately, no bird gang wars has been reported since its opening. Birds are generally peaceful specie and they co-exist well with each other.

The park has different section that caters to each bird exhibits, like the African Wetlands - which include some species found in Africa as well as a lake that houses a number of African fish species. Others exhibits includes; the Birds or Prey Show (falcons, eagles and hawks) , Birds N Buddies Show (flamingos, pelicans and hornbills), Flightless Birds (composed of rheas, ostriches, cassowaries and emus),  South East Asian Birds Aviary (bird species found in this region), Lory Loft (a 9 storeys high walk-in flight aviary for lorikeets and Lories), World of Darkness (houses nocturnal bird species and features a reverse lightning system) and a few other interesting section that showcases other species of birds.

Jurong bird park is generally a quiet and calm place to relax and have a relaxing time with nature, add up the wonderful opportunity to know more about certain behaviors and characteristics of the different kinds and species of birds. 

 I enjoyed our brief visit in this place and I'm sure it will delight the children more, making Singapore truly a family friendly destination.


There's a Panorail on a monorail system inside where visitors can hop into a small train that runs through an aviary and gives visitors a chance to see the birds at a closer distance. There's a small gift shop near the entrance and a few restaurants and beverage outlets. We went to Jurong Bird Park by taking an MRT train to Boon Lay Station and taking a bus from Boon Lay Bus Interchange which is a mere walking distance from the MRT Station.