Unforgettable Human Encounters on the Road

The people we meet on the road is oftentimes the least mentioned in travel stories shared to friends. People, as much as places and food make up a third of one's over-all travel experience. In most cases, it is the forgotten allure of the newfound wisdom we gathered, while gutting it out with the forces of nature, walking the long paved highways, crossing muddy creek, hiking up the inclined slope of a mountain. If only we could remember more clearly, we'd be showered with images of nameless strangers, who became new friends, persons who made a lasting impression, while we're stuck in an inconvenient situation on the road and who plucked us out with whatever offerings their Earth hardened hand could lend. In the September Pinoy Blogger's Blog Carnival. Travel Bloggers share what they describe as their own "Unforgettable Human Encounters on the Road". 

The New UN Headquarters in Boracay

It is not only about the Filipino people that is worth sharing to the world, places in the Philippines also becomes a common ground for other nationalities to converge and become a citizen of the world. In the Island paradise of Boracay, Eileen shares her experience of being part of what seems like a United Nations General Assembly, only this time the delegates were holding bottles of beers, juggling on the dance floor and busy drafting a UN resolution that will promote a steadfast camaraderie among all nationalities.

"Regardless of all this hoo-ha, all the people from Boracay got together to drink, party, and for the lucky few, get down and dirty. Each conversation started is another part of the globe drawn closer. The planet has gotten smaller. There are now less people to get to know....." 

A Whale Shark's Best Friend

Tita Lili narrates her encounter with the gentle sea creature of Donsol, the world acclaimed "Butandings" (Whale Sharks), but more than the experience of swimming alongside this marvelous, giant creature was also an opportunity to meet Randy, a 31 year old tour guide who possesses a gift to communicate with the Butandings. After serving as the channel to see the Butandings, he left more than a respectable impression, as he exhibited to Tita Li how man and a sea creature could create a harmonious relationship with each other and at the same time, channeling that harmony with Tita Li and her group.

"As the boat sailed towards shore, the boys swapped stories of their experiences. One of them excitedly said that I was always on top of the whale shark. Thanks to Randy. I suspect the butanding stayed with us long enough because of Randy. They must be friends for 2 decades now. Perhaps playmates is the more appropriate word. This shy, quiet young man has been interacting with this whale shark since he was 12...."

Swim along Tita Li's Butanding narratives here....Randy: The Butanding Whisperer of Donsol

Meet Mr. M and Ms. K

Flip Nomad wrote "I met a couple, Mr. M, a 48 year old Belgian guy and a 50 year old Filipina, Ms. K who works as a volunteer in Belgium. It was just a sheer coincidence that I met them in a restaurant down south. They’re here for a six month vacation. After that, they’ll fly back and work and then travel again on the next winter."

And over the course of their discussion, Flip realized that he was being taught a great deal of life's lessons by these wandering couple. Ms. K has a past which most people would conceal from the outside world while Mr. M has a soul that speaks volumes of what the world needs. Theirs is a love and a union that has sprung from living life the honest way. An eye opener for every travelers who will come across different kinds of people on the road. In the end, the awakening will be so strong that one will admit, just as Flip has realized “For every place that I go to and for every person that I meet along the way, I realize a piece of me.”

More words of wisdom from Mr. M and Ms. K in Flip's Lessons From Strangers


Budding historian and "Batang Lakwatsero" Ivan, unexpectedly met a historical figure that is both loved and hated by many. Nearing dusk and within a stone throw from the magnificent Old Paoay Church, chants of "Imelda" vibrated through the place. Dropping everything like its the end of the world, Ivan ran towards the woman known all over the world for her large collection of shoes and being the first lady of former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos. In the end, with all her reputation either good and bad, even history can't decide where to put her. As Ivan experienced, the effect of the "Imeldific" charms of the former first lady, was one huge surprise.

"I never imagined this encounter would actually happen, and never more imagined that an anti-Marcos kid like me would be charmed by Mrs. Marcos, she's definitely the one and only Imelda Marcos, the charismatic widow of the former dictator. This strange encounter with the former first lady is truly unforgettable....."

Read more about Ivan's Imeldific encounter in An Unforgettable Strange Encounter

Lost In Translation: Beijing

Although this story happened abroad, it is a testament to the well rounded and easily adaptable traits of a Filipino traveler. Good karma on the round awaits when you embrace the opportunity of running into strangers even with language barriers. Ron of Flip N Travels, narrates a lighthearted exchange between him and three strangers aboard a slow moving 24 hour train ride to Beijing. 

"Then an old man from the other seat transferred to our table and brought some sunflower seeds to nibble. He started talking to me. I was trying to explain that I don’t speak Chinese. He pulled a paper out and started drawing, and that became our form of communication–PICTIONARY!..."

Read more about what they talked about in The Nameless Three on a Slow Moving Train to Beijing

Travel-mates on a Whim

Jerome of Balintataw has grown tired of hearing friends cancel trips at the last minute with excuses ranging from personal economic fallout to laziness disguising in conflict of schedules. In his pursuit of travel buddies, he met along a group of kindred souls known as the "Kaladkarins" - each has unique traits that blaze the trail with exciting misdemeanors, wild sense of humor and a feeling of good companionship.

"They influenced me to travel the Philippines, to see the world and because of them I learn how to adjust and be flexible especially on instances that I’m out of my comfort zone, thought me how to save and budget my money, explore other options, introduce me to the idea of staying in a hostel and the art of backpacking and my love affair with photography...."

Get to know more about this group of nomads in Travel Factor "Kaladkarins"

Showing the Way is a Two-Way Street 

Acclaimed backpacker James Betia went to the island of Yato which is located just off the coast of a bigger island called Guimaras, he was led by the brother team of young tour guides Joven and John Robert. The young boys led him to places that makes the island unique, from the stunning yellow rock formation to seeing an abundant of strange sea creatures. The trip was highlighted by a fleeting moment, when Journeying James in turn, showed the boys a kind burning passion they would want to have someday - Traveling.

"They were asking where I came from. These kids haven’t been to a city (there’s no city in Guimaras) and don’t know where Manila is, so I brought out my Philippines map and explained how I was able to get to Yato Island. I can see the awe from their eyes. I guess Joven captured the message very well and told me that he wants to do the same when he grow up. I said to myself, that’s what I came here for...."

Read more about this unique human encounter at: "Strange(r) Encounter: Joven and John Robert at Yato Island"

The World is a Playground 

Karen of Tips 'n Travels mixed traveling and volunteerism in her trip with fellow couchsurfers to Ifugao. Being a part of a group with varying personality traits, but woven by a similar passion for travelling and making a difference filled her trip with memorable human encounters already. As if its not enough, she met a little boy named Felix, from a group of kids in the town of Pula. Felix exhibited the most kid like charm and wonder as he helped the group with the building of the town playground. Leaving the town of Pula with a special memory of the place, Karen now believes that there is much to do with travelling than just exploring.

"When I see Felix and the rest of the kids with their smile on their faces, I feel their great anticipation of the completion of the playground. I will always remember the lessons I got from this volunteer work and the kids of Pula. Volunteering for a humble cause is one of the most liberating experience. ..."

Learn how Karen and other Couchsurfers built up the playground in "The See-saw and the Cubby House"

Extended Family in Batanes

This traveling woman who goes by the nickname "Barok" went to Batanes in the early 2000's - a time when travel photographs are still processed in the neighborhood Agfa and Kodak outlets and the idea of staying in a place of a stranger is not yet that widely practiced. That time, she stayed at the house of someone from the far end of her own 'sixth degrees of separation' which was a "friend’s sister-in-law’s uncle’s house". The thought of being "strangers" quickly dissolved upon landing at the airport when all the members of the 'host' family showed up to welcome them. When they left the island of Batanes, Willy Valones and his whole family became a part of everyone's family as well.

"Truly, this family exemplifies what genuine Filipino hospitality is all about. Because of this, we have embraced Uncle Vice and Auntie Beth as if they’re our own uncle and aunt. We’ve swapped stories with them until wee hours in the morning. They were amused to hear about out fast-paced lives in the city, as we were amused to listen to the simplicity of their lives...."

Learn more about the hospitality of the Valones family in "Our 'Holy Week' Family"

A Simple Kind of Life

While traveling offers us a chance to stop on our tracks and appreciate the scenic view around us, it also provides one mostly overlooked opportunity, which is to mingle with the people along the way. Tired from the hike going up the historic Cape Engano lighthouse in Palaui Island, Alvin made true of his intent to experience the world behind his wall by mixing taking a breather and talk to a local resident named Ate Maya. From his conversation with Ate Maya, Alvin and his friend was reminded of the sincerity of a simple kind of life. Free from the doldrums of the ever present consumerism of the rest of the world, right there a woman who not only cross stitch threads, but also weaves together a balanced life without any excess. A stunning achievement, enough to make riptides of an awakening from this traveler's view on the world around him.

"Ate Maya's simple outlook on life reminded me to be humble and to be thankful for all the blessings that I've been receiving. I really admire the way she looks at things positively no matter how hard and unsettling the situation may appear. We can choose to look at things the negative way and always see the bad side, or be positive and live a happy and fulfilling life...."

Ate Maya's cross stitch products has reached many countries, find out where in "How A Simple Woman From Palaui Changed My Outlook on Life"

Badjaos: Poor Man of the Seas

Scenes of poverty is a common sight when traveling. It's a fact of the world we live in, but somehow it still strikes a chord to a traveler's heart when knowing that things can be done to uplift such sad state of living conditions. The Badjaos or otherwise known as the "Sea Gypsies" presents such an image. Travel blogger Joel Catimbang puts a balanced and honest narrative of his experience with a group of Badjaos after he boarded a ship from Masbate and docking by the port of Cebu. Once a fixture only in the Celebes and Sulu Sea, the Badjaos has reached further destination in their quest for everyday survival. Joel hopes that someday, they wont drown in the deep depths of the sea where they have learned to sail throughout past generations.

"Looking at the Badjaos you will wonder how these people are surviving. Their only way of living is to beg some coins from other people, they brought with them their small innocent children as props to make them more pitiful...."

Learn more about the Badjaos in "Cebu City: An Encounter with the Badjaos"

Love Blossoms in Los Banos

Chinchan reverts to his romantic self after a chance to explore the scenic countryside of Los Banos with "Cg" presented itself. Though, theirs is a romantic tale still in development stages, one cannot deny the promise of future traveling and adventure between these two budding love birds. Like a photograph of a sun setting down over the horizon, night time will soon follow. However, a new day will soon rise again and from then on anything can still happen.

"♫ Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be. The Future's not ours, to see. Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be ♫"....

Find out more what inspired Chinchan to hum that song in "Hello Stranger - My Travel Journey and One Great Love Story"

Nice Cab Drivers Don't Finish Last

"Mang Lito was someone we met on our last day in Cagayan de Oro.."

Definitely the last BUT not the least. When Batangala traveled with his family in Cagayan de Oro, they met a cab driver who, not only agreed to take them out on a stroll around town for a fair price, but also served as their tour guide and someone who engaged them in a lively and a meaningful conversation. A chance encounter that left an invaluable imprint in the memory of this traveling family. How a decent way of earning a livelihood, honest dealings with strangers can form a bond even with distance and time in between.

Follow the cab route where Mang Lito took the Batangala family around in "On the Road with Mang Lito"

PTB Bagets

Kindred souls met together in a facebook group called "Pinoy Travel Bloggers" which where the idea of this Blog Carnival collaboration came about. However, a funny spin-off called PTB Bagets became a sub-group, which pays tribute to the new breed of young travelers, most of whom has just barely left out the puberty stages. What better way to start seeing your country and beyond at a young age and, coupled with the company of kindred souls that will make traveling more awesome and belting out karaoke songs on ordinary nights an adventure in itself.  Renz of the Geek Travels further realized one of the best things about traveling. "This is what I love about traveling. You meet new people and learn new things from them."

Want to know what Karaoke Bar they hanged out that night? read here in "Hello, Strangers!"

The 7 People You Meet on the Road

"I have seen more than I have travelled. I look outside and always find myself looking in. I have slowly grown to become someone whose mind has flourished not in the miles I have sailed across seas but with the lessons I have to come learn...."

With this credo that Jerik of Pinoy Boy Journals brings into his every trip, he has able to fully appreciate everything the road can teach him. That includes meeting different kinds of people along the way, each having able to linger in his memory even long after the trip has finished. This just shows that the world is bigger than one originally thought and a boundless road stretched far beyond will bring us more opportunities of having unforgettable human encounters.

Get to know the seven people Jerik met on the road in "7 Most Inspiring People I've Met While Traveling"

Guide, Fire and Drive

It's not meant to be a verb, rather it is related as to whom Senyorita Mica refers in her blog as the "three strangers that I met in Puerto Princesa, Boracay and Guimaras", does for a living. One shows the way, the other plays with fire and keeps you guessing more, while the other drives you to your destination. Three different individuals with varying purpose in life, but united in one common goal. To spread goodness and inspiration to those who wanders and who will encounter them on the road.

Read more to get to know these three wonderful individuals in "The Tour Guide, the Fire Dancer and the Tricycle Driver"

The Rock Star Tour Guide

Goddess Chyng Reyes might have that horrible experience in a foreign land, but she's got plenty of awesome travel experience here in the Philippines. The one that stands out to her was the genuine kindness exhibited by Mang Arnel, the rock star of tour guides without the heroin habbit. What he have are loads of goodness enough to put him on a league of his own. A shoo-in for the Tour Guide Hall of Fame if ever there's such an honor bestowed on people, whose only goal is to promote their place to visitors, knowing that a steady influx of tourists will help his community more as a whole rather than just individually.

"Come lunch time, I started to feel very hungry. But what can I do, the money left in my pocket was just enough for the ride back to the airport. I thought of skipping lunch but then Mang Arnel drove me to a small eatery. Sabi nya, "kain ka na, ako bahala sayo...."

Read more about the genuine hospitality of Mang Arnel in "Kindness Story of a Tour Guide"

Lessons from Bucas Grande Island

For sir Ed and his wife, operating a tour business in the island of Bucas Grande for the first time, a feeling of uncertainty lingers in the air. The scenario of dealing with different types of travelers presents a formidable task. All of those doubts was quickly dissolved after a group composed of 11 people arrived and soon turned out to be more than just ordinary visitors. Soon, the tour guides and the tourists enjoyed every bit of what the magnificent Bucas Grande island could offer, from island hopping, hiking to spelunking a bond was formed between the guides and the travelers which taught sir Ed, that there is more to tourism than meets the eye.

"My encounter with a travel group had really served as an eye opener for me as a traveler and a travel guide. For one, it reinforced the notion that backpackers’ passion knows no bound...."

Check out the challenges the group did in  "My Encounter with a Travel Group at Bucas Grande Island"


"Couchsurfing" is a concept which provide travelers an opportunity to travel and get free accommodations by virtue of a host-guest set-up. As Catherine found out, it is more than just the cutting of one's travel budget, it is also a chance to meet different kinds of people from various parts of the country and the world. In her travels in the Philippines from Coron, Donsol, Davao to Batad, she was able to develop life long friendships with hospitable hosts and fellow couchsurfing guests. Something that she says makes traveling all the more awesome.

"Aside from the locals, both the people that I traveled with and those that I have met on the road who travel just for the love of it truly amaze me! They have this passion and thirst for life; there is this need to experience new culture; and they are open to everything...."

Why Travel? know the answer in "Travels, Couch Surfing, Philippines"

Surf, Island and Siargao

One of the things that excites Ella when she sets out on a journey is the possibility of meeting random strangers on the road. To her, every conversation started is a mile slashed off the distance and brings home closer to beyond. During her trip to the surfer's paradise of Siargao, she met along the way a wonderful cast of characters, one might think was drafted from a feel good on the road movie. The wandering couple, the solo female traveler, Bruno Mars and a bunch of surfers. Setting aside her inability to ride the board across the dancing waves, the trip she made left an invaluable mark in her memory, thanks to these wonderful human beings.

"I love meeting people on my travels. Whether it be some seatmate during a short ride on the public bus, buddies during an adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting adventure, fellow bloggers during a meet-up at a festival, or some mates with whom to share an island-hopping experience, every encounter is worth remembering...."

Learn how Ella fared in trying to surf in "Island Hopping and Surfing in Siargao: Meet the Fast Learners"

Badjaos, the Nomads

The Badjaos are known to live on sailboats mainly over the seas of Celebes and Sulu. They reached parts of Borneo where other members of this indigenous group flourished for generations. Theirs is a unique lifestyle that has been slowly changing in the last couple of decades due to poverty and the inability of the Government to expand aid to indigenous and other unrepresented sectors of our society. It's ironic that the Badjaos who were known as "Sea Gypsies" are now seen begging on the streets over dry land. Marcus Castle encounters them while on a trip to Isla Verde in Davao and the experience further opened his eyes to the current state of the Badjaos.

"Indeed my trip to Isla Verde is one of the most memorable encounters with local tribes. I have never thought that I could witness their simple life. I hope that the government will help them because they are still part of the citizens of the Philippines..."

Know more about the current plight of the Badjaos in "Encounters with the Real Nomads: The Badjaos on Land"

Learning from the Locals

It was supposed to be a quick wham bam trip to Tacloban City that Johx had planned. Go see the Leyte landing spot of General Douglas McArthur and walk along the San Juanico Bridge. However, while finding her way around the new city, Johx encountered some locals who have impressed and taught her some lessons about math, trust, respect and the secret to extending goodness towards men. All of it conspired to make these unexpected encounters became the highlight of her trip.

"he told me about his grandfather who left for Manila wanting to land a good job. And when his grandfather came home to Tacloban City, his grandfather said that he only know a few tagalog words and its "UNTI-UNTI DIBDIB LAHAT"...."

Find out what "Unti-Unti Dibdib Lahat" really means in "Tacloban: Encounter with the Locals"

They're Everywhere

Mervz of Pinoy Adventurista has been busy traveling around the Philippines in the past few years that according to him, has afforded him the opportunity to meet many memorable individuals on the the road. Like the slogan for the old Converse ad, "they're everywhere" - it rings true. From environmentalists, waterfalls chaser, mountain climbers, motorcycle rider, local hosts, guides and everyone in between. Mervz has found a new facet of traveling that becomes the fire burning, which further heats up his desire to see more of the world around him.

Know more about Mervz and the "Social Klaymers" in "The Most Unforgettable People I've Met on the Road"

Pinay Meets Good Samaritan, In Brunei

Atty Mhe-Anne, when not attending trials, is busy traveling around the Philippines, Asia and beyond. When she planned a trip to Brunei with her parents, a series of setback besets the initial planning of the trip. Enter Jonathan - a New Zealander based in Brunei and a couchsurfer host. After a series of email exchanges between Atty Mhe Anne and Jonathan, the trip itself became the catapult to a very unusual act of genuine kindness. In a perfect example of good karma on the road, Atty Mhe-Anne's comings and goings has made it possible for her to meet such a good Samaritan on the road.

"We wouldn't forget Jonathan, my forever friend and the lessons of life he taught me and my family. He is the epitome of genuine kindness, generosity, 'going the extra mile' attitude,doing things without expecting anything in return and not wanting to call attention to himself...."

You might wanna know Jonathan's act of kindness in "A Golden Treasure in Brunei: Going an Extra Mile"

Travel With A Cause

In a mountainside community located between nowhere and beyond, Bugoy took his students along for a noble act of "voluntourism", to dig holes on the ground and lay foundation for agricultural projects, which will help sustain this simple community located in the far bending region of Negros. Beyond the tiresome tasks that was done  during a three day period, a memorable encounter with three sisters who were part of a "quadruplets in a brood of eight" lingered still in his memory. The 'Tres Marias' of Malabo, Valencia represents what the whole town is all about; inseparable and filled with blooming life even in its simplest setting.

"In the end, deep in everyone's heart is happiness--one of the things that can not be learned but can only be felt and experienced. Meanwhile, the three sisters walk their way home. It makes me wonder if the the hut they live in is wrapped around by fog, if the spring water they drink and the scent of air they breath are sweeter and if heaven is closer to their home...."

Learn more about Traveling with a Cause in "Voluntourism in the Boondocks: Travel with a Heart"

More than a Tour Guide

For a lot of travelers, they don't like the idea of hiring tour guides as they would want to discover the place on their own, but for others, it pays dividends that the crop of tour guides featured on this blog carnival so far, has able to venture inside their memory by leaving unforgettable moments and acts of kindness. Jenn found out about this on a recent hike to the Mount Pinatubo crater. After experiencing exhaustion from crossing small streams, remnants of lahar and tricky slopes, she almost gave up the chance to see the spectacular crater lake of the once violent volcano. Encouraged by the stranger who have lived a difficult life so far, she opened her eyes to the vast possibilities, one can achieve with a determined spirit.

"the tour guide has showered me with much encouragement. Along the way, we talked about life, family, and other matters. I learned about his struggles as a Mt. Pinatubo tour guide, and we got to share inspirational stories about life..."

Did Jenn survived Pinatubo? of course she does, read her story in "Mt. Pinatubo Trek"

Mr. Anonymous

On a chance encounter in a hotel while on a group trip, Brenna was impressed by this anonymous kindred soul. A meeting that would last an hour over an intense session of...a Ping-pong match (what were you thinking?). Soon, this lovely young female traveler found herself opening up and conversing freely with a stranger who does not seem strange at all. Discovering their passions and likes for similar things brought up a mutual understanding - only kindred souls shares with each other. Hope lingers on that someday, along the road they would bump again to each other and hopefully, wont have to hit white balls across the table, rather explore more places with each other.

"After I met him I thought I wanted to fall in love that way. To find a kindred spirit, to enjoy several adventures together, to challenge each other competitively and to find a way for me to put down my heavily built guard to trust in love...."

Found out who won the Ping-pong match in "The Unforgettable With a Kindred Spirit"

There's no 'Old' in Adventure

Mr. Headstand Man Edcel Suyo never lets an adventure opportunity slips pass his way. So one brazing morning, he and some friends went to Sagada to explore the cave connection of the Sumaging and Lumiang cave. There, he met a 50 something couple who were as game and adventurous as the young thrill seekers. After crawling through narrow passageways and swimming on the freezing pockets of pool, the couple emerges with nothing but delight on their faces. Ed was reminded that adventure knows no boundaries, nor age and it is for everybody to experience and savor.

See the 127 Hours re-enactment in "Never Too Old For a Cave Connection Adventure"

Accidental Travel Companion

Gael or otherwise known as the Pinay Solo Backpacker mostly travels alone. She savors the freedom that a lonesome journey brings, but when a conspicuous middle aged woman who turned out as a widow engages her in a chit-chat on the plane bound for Iloilo. Gael found herself an accidental travel companion she wanted to resist at first. Initially feeling uneasy, the solo traveler in her soon realizes that the world is filled with interesting strangers that could leave tracks of their presence in one's life. Only if we could set aside our fears and embrace all possibilities, then there won't be any lonely souls on the road. Though, the Pinay Solo Backpacker still travels solo, she now knows that running into a perfect stranger on the road can turn into something special.

"Unarguably, solo traveling is rewarding - the feeling is just ineffable.  But sometimes loneliness will hit you and that's when you start making perfect strangers into new friends. Ever since I started traveling on my own dealing with strangers along the road has become "my expertise".  Using common sense and trusting my instinct is the name of the game..."

Fuel your soul with inspiring quips in the lovey narrative in "Miag-ao Iloilo: The Church, the Widow and the Seafoods"

Diverse People on the Road

Aleah is another solo female traveler who likes to explore the world on her own. However strict she might be on that philosophy, she can't avoid not bumping into different kinds of people along the way. In fact, solo traveling even makes a greater catapult to meeting new people. Aleah has listed down 5 different individuals of unique backgrounds and culture, with each one bonded together by a similar thread, something that all intersects from a memorable collision of events in this solo traveler's experience on the road.

"The lover always assumes that if you’re a woman traveling by yourself, you’re out looking for some “adventure.” I’ve met some of them, and while there were a few who were definitely creepy, others were harmless and more, shall we say, romantic...."

Find out where Aleah met "the lover" in "5 People You Meet While Traveling Solo"

The Man with a 'Handlebar Mustache' 

When this Pinay Travel Junkie and his companion reached the jump-off trail to chase a waterfalls, darkness has already taken a bite of the surroundings. Without adequate lighting gadget like the sun, the couple soon wandered into a tiny shack built in the middle of the woods. Even with badly written horror movie plots still etched in her head, they took the risk of knocking on the door of the shack. Out of nowhere a man, who could very well be, play the part of a butcher in a B-movie slasher flick, opened the door for them. Soon all paranoia disappeared as "kuya" became this endearing father figure who offered to watch them for the night and even brewed hot coffee for them the next morning. It was a realization for our beloved travel junkie, that in real life, a strange man sporting a 'handlebar mustache' can quite be the most lovable and helpful person.

"While I was lying on a bunch of rocks wich I shaped into a lounger, I thought, "will we be enjoying this if it hadn't been for kuya?...." 

One shouldn't miss the last accompanying photograph in "Night Trek to Sampaloc Falls: Shack Attack"

Meeting 'Bro' on the Road'

When the Lost Boy Lloyd boarded a bus in Bacolod City en route to Murcia, Negros Occidental, all he was worried about was if he could make it back in time to catch his flight. Little did he know that a more complicated question and a self realization will present itself in the form of "a guy who seemed so prim and proper in his white shirt, slacks, leather shoes, and attaché". By dropping the wall that separates him and the casual stranger, Lloyd was able to connect an invisible chord between the young man to his own personal callings. At a time when he was searching for something, an uncanny encounter with a stranger became the launching pad for him to look at even further possibilities.

"this moved me. I was at a time when I was searching for purpose when I thought my life didn’t have any. It was at a time when life was in a standstill, and I was too—except that I was still breathing...."

Are we going to call Lloyd, Father Lloyd soon? read it in "How a Bus Ride Made me Consider Being a Priest"

Easy Riders

Underneath the tough image immortalized by such hippie driven popular culture masterpieces like "Easy Rider" and Hunter S. Thompson's epic book "Hell's Angels" - the bikers whom Kara met when she accompanied her husband on an easy ride to Caliraya, was nothing but a bunch of free spirited, gregarious, friendly and warm human beings. With engine roaring and a united motion coasting along the long highways, brings a peculiar sight to the lives of these bikers, whose passion have both intertwined with each other in the highway of life, both literally and figuratively.

"In the show True Blood, werewolves seem to be stereotyped as bikers. I guess there’s a similarity between running with a pack and riding in a group. The riders may seem tough and their bikes look really bad-ass, but they’re also one of the friendliest people you’ll meet...."

Head out with Kara on the Highway in "Easy Riding to Caliraya"

     The END *Radiohead's 'Exit Music (for a Blog post) plays in the background*

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