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Nomadic Video 4: Laguna Lakers (San Pablo, Liliw, Nagcarlan)

Since I started traveling around the Philippines three or four years ago, I've been to Mindanao, Visayas and the edge of Northern Luzon, doing so I was able to overlook nearby provinces like Laguna. Because of that  realization, along with a couple of cool friends, Cathy and Abigail, we set out on a trip to a menage a trois of cities and municipalities in Laguna. Our first stop was San Pablo, it is known for its seven crater lakes found around the city. We started our day by having breakfast at Cafe Lago which is located beside Lake Sampaloc, it was here where Abigail first brought out her Tanduay rum. After which, we took a swim at the scenic Lake Pandin and had lunch aboard a floating bamboo raft before heading out to Nagcarlan for some church hopping and going on a creepy tour of the "underground cemetery", after which, we dropped by the "tsinelas" capital of the Philippines in Liliw and had a feast at Arabel. Here is a music video of our trip, as compiled from the very few video footage I took accompanied by the music of Sneaker Pimps' "6 Underground". I will soon write separate posts about the places we visited on that trip.