Post End of the World Travel Plans

If I were to believe the Mayan prophecy then there's no need for me to make travel plans beyond 2012. However, since I'm already penciling out destinations for 2013 - that means the hell with the world crumbling and those end of times murmurs in 2012. I expect my feet to walk over new grounds next year from the far bending corners of the Philippines to Indonesia to Myanmar, Laos, India and to far away Montreal in Canada. There's a satisfying sense just thinking about it all. But, playing the idea in your head is different than making it happen. That's where all the heist-like planning comes into place. This early I've been scouring the world wide web to find budget friendly hotels and booking plane tickets at a bargain price. I already got lucky with a very cheap round-trip ticket I scored to Jakarta later next year, so I must remain like a CIA-trained shadow surveying for more great deals.

If the road continues to open its path for me then all signs will read a gigantic "Go" for these trips I had in mind.

- A once a month trip to a random destination in the Philippines. Being chosen to be a travel partner of a leading local budget airline definitely helps.

- Yogyakarta and Jakarta in Indonesia. I've been fascinated with temples ever since. The trip I had last year to Siem Reap, Cambodia further enhanced that visual craving. The nearby Borubudur and Prambanan temples plus the chance to learn the Kraton culture makes this destination such an attracting option.

- Myanmar and Laos. I'm still not sure If I will do this twin-country trip at one go. I will need a third country (probably via Bangkok in Thailand) to reach either Myanmar or Laos and will just have to cross to other country over land. UPDATE: (already booked a trip to Myanmar via KL this March 2013)

- India reckons a lot. Right now I don't care what part of India. I told myself to just make it happen and give me India then I'll knight and address myself as 'sir' at the end of 2013 for a job well done.

- Montreal, Canada. This takes the cake from everything listed above. I wanna see the place where my girlfriend now resides. I'm hoping I could avail even a tourist visa for at least a month long stay. I've seen a lot of pictures of Canada, particularly Quebec province and the city of Montreal. Rolling snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, city squares, cozy sidewalk cafes, yellow colored trees and many more.

So far, those were just the definite plan I have for next year. Everything is realistic and at arms length reach, given I don't give in to drug addiction and not commit bank robbery and get stupidly caught with the help of a CCTV camera - and also avoid being unceremoniously fired from my job. I could make this all happen. Or you can help me by simply reading my travel blog or clicking that "donate" button found on my side bar :)

It doesn't hurt to dream ey! Everything I do from now on, I'll always have one eye looking further down the road, up the sky, towards the jagged peaks of the mountains and at the edges of the ocean. 


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