Nomadic Experiences is a Globe TattAwards Finalist for the 3rd Time

Globe Telecoms' TattAwards has been recognizing social media influencers in the past few years and for three in a row, Nomadic Experiences has had the great fortune of being among the finalists short listed for different categories. In 2012 it was named as one of the five Visualizers, the category that recognizes that year’s best photography websites and last year it crashed the party of five included in the Best Food and Travel Blog category. Being acknowledged again this year is a big surprise considering I'm tapering off from writing travel narratives since I started my freelance writing job last year. If ever, this new recognition shall serve as a kick in the groin for me to continue living up to "Tattoo's fiery passion for greatness, founded on individuality and the courage to inspire 35 million Filipino netizens and the rest of the world." as aptly expressed by the Tatt Award’s concept.

I remember being inspired by travel narratives I read when I was a lot younger, when the idea of visiting Batanes and India belongs in the same possibility of seeing an honest politician. Soon, the odds stacked against me from going to these places were broken down and everything became a reality. As I amass wonderful memories through my travels, I documented it through writing on this travel blog and not long after I realized I'm actually inspiring others to travel more. 

Being a finalist means my travel blog will have to compete with the other four websites through a voting process. I don't have to ask you for votes, because being shortlisted (again) is an awesome honor already, especially since the selection went through the deliberation among well respected council members such as Jim Paredes, Erik Matti, Bianca Gonzales just to name a few. I couldn't ask for more, especially having that thought that Bianca have seen this travel blog during the judging process.

As the backlog (unwritten travel narratives) pile up, I know I need to pick up the pace and write more so hopefully I could entice more individuals to make the most of their life by exploring further out of their comfort zone and hell yeah, I'm going to start to influence my girlfriend to travel more with me in the future. :)