Where to Stay in Baguio: See the Pine Trees Sway at Arc Residences

Eyeing for a place to stay in Baguio City can become such an ordeal as you will be confronted with options of choosing an expensive but cozy 3 star hotel or run down homestays that charges ridiculous high prices, totally mismatched with its interiors and amount of bed bugs at night. I am not a picky traveler when it comes to lodging on the road, but since I will be traveling with my girlfriend - both budget and comfort becomes necessary requirements in choosing a place to stay.

What I should have done earlier (like two weeks prior), I was finally able to do the night before our departure for Baguio. So I scour online and tried all the hotel booking websites in a mad rush of mouse hovering and clicking until I settled for two bunk beds in a hostel near Session Road. It was actually a good idea considering I wanted to introduce my girlfriend Monnette to the idea of staying at hostels. Fortunately, a friend of mine saw my FB status (see, it is helpful to let your travel plans known to your social media contacts - sometimes) and quickly alerted me of the downsides of sleeping in that hostel. 

So I gave Google search one more try again until I found Arc Residences at Airbnb. Instantly getting in touch with the owner I was able to book us a room for the next day. 

We arrived early in the morning many hours ahead of the usual check-in time but it didn't matter to the guard on duty who gleefully let us in our room - giving us a few hours for nap and rest before we commence our foodtrippin at the city center. 

Arc Residences is located in a quiet district approximately 15-20 minutes by cab (50-65 pesos) from downtown Baguio and is situated atop a hill, walking down can be such a rush while going back up requires extra stamina, but don't worry they have convenience store (Stop and Shop), Mojo Meals and Spark Cafe at the first floor and they are situated beside the fast becoming popular Ozark Diner, which is famous for its Dark Beer Cheescake and Chocolate Siling Labuyo Cheesecake

You could feel a detachment from the crowded parts of Baguio when you're at the Arc Residences, instead an air of a campus environment exists as evidenced by students attending the adjacent St. Louis University. 

One of my favorite features of the Arc, aside from its neat and simple design are its wide glass windows that gives you an unobstructed view of the surrounding nature comprising mostly of towering pine trees that slices the sunlight during daytime and howls along with the wind at nighttime. 

Our room is neither too big nor too small, just enough for the two of us but the common areas like the living room and the dining room are very spacious and is a good place to hang out when you are traveling in groups. It was so peaceful there we thought we were the only guests at this establishment consisting of two adjoining buildings (one two-storey and a bigger three-storey building with two basement floors).

For two nights it has been our home in Baguio - if Monnette didn't have a meeting on Monday that week, we would have extended for another night. I wouldn't mind staying at this place next time. With Baguio becoming more crowded every year, it is perfect to choose a place to sleep in some of the quiet neighborhoods of Baguio just like where Arc Residences stands.