Are you a Seat-Sale Abangers? Get Notified with Traveloka’s Cheap Flights Price Alerts

As much as we would love to be that spontaneous traveler who would just wake up one morning, pack the backpack and head out to the airport – something that would make us also look cool in the travel community, the reality of personal finances suggests; it is hard to pull it off because of expensive airfares. Unless of course, you have a travel fund that stretches to seven figures. For us, backpackers of the world, a little planning ahead will help us heaps. Besides, there are many travel opportunities that lays ahead inside a whole calendar year; Sinulog Festival in January, New Year’s Eve in Boracay, mid-summer in El Nido, Palawan, experiencing the cold weather of November in Batanes and the list goes on. 

Planning ahead gives us more opportunities of coming across affordable airfares and chance upon discounted hotel rates. By using the TravelokaApp, we end up enjoying another layer of advantage when it comes to getting better deals. Thanks to its newest feature called Price Alerts.

Not yet content in providing you with discounted airfares and hotel rates – because of Traveloka’s partnership with leading airline companies and various hotels and hostels, the App gives you another shot at slashing your travel budget by alerting you of airfare deals that is within your allotted budget.

To learn more how to take advantage of Traveloka’s Price Alerts feature, check out this very helpful info-graphic:

Easy-weasy isn’t it?

In my case, I am looking forward to returning to Busuanga, Palawan (Coron) in the month of November. So, I simply created my own Price Alerts for around 3,000 peso round-trip airfare – an amount that is very possible to achieve as evidenced by my past experiences of using Traveloka.

There you go, I can now sit back and just wait for the alert to sound off so I can become one of the earliest persons to book that 3,000 peso (or even lower) round trip ticket to Busuanga, Coron.

Start setting up your Price Alerts right now – so you won’t miss a good deal when it comes.

Download the Traveloka App now for free on your iOS or Android phones through this link. For desktop users, you can also book at the Traveloka website