Culinary Delights | Where to Eat in Bataan

From a traveler’s perspective, Bataan is an underrated tourist spot that surprises its visitors with both natural and man-made attractions. But from a foodie’s perspective, it’s a place that’s rich in both culinary history and modern food culture. If you want to discover Bataan through a gastronomical tour, here are some "Where to Eat in Bataan" places you shouldn’t miss out on!

1. The Food Project

The Food Project stylishly plates up comfort food favorites and serves them at very affordable prices. Fusing together Western and Filipino food, their assortment of appetizers, rice meals, and refreshing drinks are best enjoyed with a group of friends.

The vibe here is hip and laid back, its flat lay-friendly wooden tables perfectly matching the restaurant’s outdoorsy atmosphere.

How to get here: From Central Terminal in Balanga ride a jeepney bound to Orion, when you reach Orion, Shell Gas Station, walk at about 15 to 20 meters going to Orion National High School.

The Food Project can be found at Balagtas, Orion, Bataan. Open from Tuesday-Sunday, 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

2. Ima’s Pamangan

Experience Kapampangan cuisine with a touch of Bataan-style cooking at Ima’s Pamangan! It has become a popular food stop for tourists en route to Mount Samat and for good reason: lip-smacking good food. What’s a better way to satisfy one’s hunger than by feasting on a number of popular Pampanga’s dishes in a relaxed, carinderia setting?

The best part is, it’s only ₱200 for an eat-all-you-can meal here!

Ima’s Pamangan can be found at Gov. J.J. Linao Ala-Uli, Pilar, Bataan. (Located on the highway leading to Mount Samat).

3. Choco-late de Batirol

Filipinos love merienda and it’s never complete if there’s no mug of something hot and comforting to drink. Enter Choco-late de Batirol’s specialty: hot chocolate drink prepared with batirol–a wooden stick that is used to beat smelted cacao beans into a thick, rich-tasting chocolate drink. To accompany your hot mug of chocolate-de-batirol, pick from an assortment of local delicacies such as suman and bibingka.

Bikers going to and from Mount Samat love to stop by this place to rest and re-energize with a satisfying merienda.

Choco-late de Batirol can be found at Total Gas Station, Roman Super Highway, Alauli, Pilar, Bataan.

4. Angelitos

Angelitos is a charming, family-owned nook that was named after their three youngest boys: Rafael, Gabriel and Miguel (yes, all saintly names!) In here, you get to relax in a comfortable setting filled with cozy corners as well as savor flavorful Filipino dishes that have been prepared with with opulence and passion. 

Located beside the highway of Orani, this place is the perfect pit-stop for either lunch or dinner when passing by the province of Bataan.

Angelitos can be found at M plus C Building, Tenejero Orani, Bataan.

5. Saverde

Restaurants in Bataan are surprisingly getting more creative and one such establishment is Saverde. For one, they’ve elevated the humble beef tapa by enveloping the garlic rice with an omelet and topping it off with shreds of tapa!
They cook up mostly popular Filipino cuisine with a twist which they then serve in a very Instagrammable way.

Saverde can be found at Gabon St., Abucay, Bataan.

6. The Beanery

Forget Starbucks and all the other posh cafés in Metro Manila. The Beanery, Bataan’s homegrown coffee chain, is just as great with its elegant interior, delicious plated meals and rich-tasting coffee, tea and non-caffeine drinks.
You’ll turn into a Beanery convert in no time!

The Beanery can be found at Capitol Drive, San Jose, Balanga City. There’s another branch located a short walking distance away from Crown Royale Hotel in Balanga.

7. Stregato Gelateria

You can finally indulge your sweet tooth without feeling bad about yourself because Stregato Gelateria serves guiltless but tasty gelato in different flavors! Aside from their gelato, one can also order pastas, sandwiches and rice meals.

This is definitely a good place to eat, hang out, and not have to worry so much about ruining your diet.

Stregato Gelateria can be found at Galeria Victoria Mall, Balanga.

8. Loleng’s Hutieu-an

Unknown to many, the Philippines opened its doors to refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War. Most of the refugees migrated to the United States and Canada but they impacted our local cuisine in their own way.

Aling Loleng, a Filipina who used to work in the Philippine Refugee Processing Center in Morong, has made it her mission to preserve these foreign influences. Today, Loleng’s Hutieu-an serves up various types of Vietnamese dishes such as the Hu Tieu Noodle soup, the Banh Mi bread and the Vietnamese Pho.

Loleng’s Hutieu-an can be found at Mayor Street, Binaritan, Morong, Bataan. Open every day, 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

9. Mount Tarak Guest House & Restaurant

This in-house restaurant of Mount Tarak Guest House serves an array of mouth-watering appetizer, pizza and pasta, dessert and main entrée dishes. Some of their bestsellers include:  Creamy Spiced Mussels, Pork Sisig Pasta, Grilled Porksteaks in Herbs, Valencia, Negra and Marinera Paella, 3-cheese pizza, Nachos Magnifico, Mount Tarak Platter, Mushroom alfredo, Sizzling Gambas, Boneless Crispy Pata and more.

Mount Tarak Guest House & Restaurant is located at Kamaya Point Rd, Mariveles, Bataan

10. Espada Grill

This laid-back roadside place serving Filipino buffet food is perfect for group of friends wanting to mix a decent meal and an engaging table conversation. Don’t expect fancy interior nor Masterchef plated dishes - as this is as good as any lutong-bahay joints can go.

Espada Grill can be found at Calero Street, Balanga, Bataan
Open every day, 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Photo credits: Loleng’s Hutieu-an (Yen D), Stregato (Ann Margaret), Saverde (Hazel M) and Angelito's (Celineism)