Rajasthan on my Mind | India

Many-a-times I am always asked by friends about my favorite place in India, and each time I would answered with Rajasthan, I would be met with a surprised reply ‘What about Taj Mahal in Agra? Or New Delhi?’ While, my month-long initial trip to India took me to many breathtaking places which also has given me so much cultural and spiritual widening experiences such as Varanasi, Agra, Cochin, Mumbai and Kolkata - the places I visited in the state of Rajasthan left a collection of fascinating images in my mind; of stunning desert landscapes, grandiose forts and palaces, colorful bazaars, friendly people and delicious food.

A Place fit for a Maharaja

The state of Rajasthan and its various cities were ruled by a succession of Mahārāja (Sanskrit for “High King”) and during these centuries up to the 18th century, these rulers who ruled many kingdoms across Rajasthan left a number of forts and palaces that now stands as a fascinating reminder of those glorious past.

The grandness of these structures which up to now are well conserved, also influenced many hotels and accommodations in Rajasthan. A number of places such as the world-acclaimed Trident Gurgaon dishes a royal-like atmosphere to its guests, thereby making them feel like a modern day Maharaja when it comes to enjoying the fine comforts and kingly treatment – these world class hotels in Maharaja provides.

A Sense of History everywhere

Whether walking along the crowded streets of the different cities in Rajasthan, to exploring the every corners of the many stellar forts and palaces in places like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Jodphur (cities in Rajasthan which I visited), one never runs out of picking up new found historical and cultural knowledge.

Accompanying all these information jamboree that quickly fills your mind, are equally striking sceneries such as the famed blue city of Jodphur and the pink city of Jaipur just to state these two – among the many visual highlights I have witnessed in the state of Rajasthan.

Desert Landscape is a charm

One of my fondest memory of Rajasthan was when we embarked on a two day desert camping trip in Jaisalmer. It was here where I saw the finest sand dunes that stretches as far as my eyes can see. Appearing so golden under the afternoon sky, we slept over it on a thin mattress and under the ceiling of the nighttime stars and the shine of the moon, I slept soundly – only to be awoken by the hiss of the cold wind and the spectacular sight of the rising sun, slowly inching upwards over the glowing sands in the foreground.

I could never think of any other way to top this desert jaunt than experiencing this memorable moment with a new set of friends composed of like-minded wanderers from other parts of India.

I could enumerate a long list of reasons why I am deeply enamored by Rajasthan, even though I have barely explored its entirety. This fact alone, makes my desire to come back to India and pass by Rajasthan again, as one of my main travel goals in the coming year. As I said ‘Rajasthan is always on my mind’, and for a good cause it there to stay.