Postcard Series: BNP Capones | Tawi-Tawi

A boatload of good karma fell on our laps when faced with a few days of being stuck in Zamboanga, the Philippine Coast Guard offered to hitch us all the way to Tawi-Tawi. Since the BNP Capones is also en route to patrol the waters of Celebes and Sulu Sea as a security for the upcoming Agal-Agal Festival, we unanimously said yes. As opposed to traveling a day later on a packed and slower passenger boat, we enjoyed the modern amenities of the ship. We even had a boodle fight of curacha crabs on the deck on the way back.

Philippine Coast Guard

Postcard Series is a digital throwback to the good ole days of sending postcards to your love ones back home. It consist of a single photograph and a brief narrative of less than 100 words.