Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar at Shangri-La The Fort | Manila


A few months ago, I landed a 900-word article writing gig that paid me a decent sum on top of a full-board three-night stay at Shangri-La Hotel at the Fort in Taguig. Of course, I did nothing but relax, get a massage and tried out the restaurants located inside the towering property. Where I had dinner on my first night was the Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar.

Ayi Del Rosario

The moment the amiable waitress led me inside, the fancy interior instantly arrested my attention.  From its gilded panels and chevron-patterned flooring, to its leather cushioned on seats made of wood and steel, to the ornamental lighting sets made of individually-crafted and layered metal calipers fashioned after bull horns, there’s much to ogle at beside the items on the menu.

Jomie Naynes

I also felt being transported to a setting of film noir thanks to its retro-classic design that evokes a nostalgic sense of 1960's Chicago and New York upscale diners. The kind of places where Don Vito Corleone goes to when he wants to have a plate of steak in utmost class and privacy.

Koryn Iledan

Since my visit is complimentary, my dinner is already prepared thus saving me from the agony of selecting my order from a menu I don’t understand. First, I was served the spirited “Cowboy Old Fashioned” drink which came in a hazy glass. It is a cocktail drink of whiskey, sugar, water and a homemade 'cowboy bitters' concocted by their in-house Mixologist.

Sara Abdollahi

After a couple plates of mouth-watering appetizers, then came the “Scotch Fillet”, that was served on a big chopping board where a large slab of Darling Downs Wagyu-5 Grass-fed beef is laid out wonderfully waiting for me to gobble it up.

Tiffany Go

But wait up, as the waiter told me one can't go to war unarmed, the same applies to going to a steakhouse without a knife. A box full of different designs of knives was presented to me. "Choose your weapon of choice", the waiter said. I forgot the name of the other knives but once I heard "Assassin’s Knife", I immediately said "That's the one I pick".

Sandra Santiago

My chopping board platter came with a side dish of Baked Potato Gratin topped with Gruyere Cheese, Grilled Asparagus, Roasted Japanese Pumpkin and Radicchio and Rocket Salad.

Sophie Gianan

For seasoning, there's a variety of sauces, salts and mustards to choose from and for my dessert, I had the Candy Floss Pavlova—which consist of mango sorbet, passion fruit pulp and a mixture of sweetness and tartness.

A little over an hour later, just as I was sucking the last teaspoon of my dessert and feeling my satisfied craving for excellent food, I take one last gulp of my Cowboy Old-Fashioned drink before thanking a few staff who took care of serving my dinner. I walked back to my room with a satisfied palate.