Puerto del Sol Beach Resort in Bolinao

I must admit that I am not the typical "beach resort" kind of person. I don't see the need to stay in a fancy beach resort because I tend to explore more than lie around the pool. However, last weekend was an exception when I found myself together with some friends on a trip to Bolinao in Pangasinan.

Mica Rodriguez

One of us is celebrating his birthday so he decided to spend it in a cozy place somewhere in Bolinao. Two of our friends, Myca and Anton scourged online for resorts in Bolinao that we could spend the weekend to relax and at the same time have fun.

Myca and Anton have stayed in some of the finest beach resorts in the country, from Thunderbird resorts in Rizal, Bellaroca in Marinduque, Tides in Boracay and Misibis Bay in Albay. So when they pitched the idea of choosing Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort in Barangay Ilog Malino in Bolinao, we know that it's going to be a wonderful place.

I usually spent sleeping during my travels on cheap inns and hostels where the bugs becomes your friend and the cockroaches starts talking to you like old war pals and the hot water that never was, so I became excited as the weekend approached.

Fast forward to last weekend, we arrived at Puerto Del Sol from a brief tour of Bolinao town which included a stop at the St. James the Great Fortress Church, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Bolinao Falls and the majestic Patar White beach and to our delight was met by the polite and courteous staff. We settled on our assigned rooms in the Mansion villas which were adorned by colorful walls, a simple yet tasteful interior with more than ample space to move around and a window that offers a view of the big swimming pool and the beach itself.

Here are the interior shots of the room we got plus the other rooms that Puerto del Sol is offering to visitors. Aside from the Mansion rooms, they also have the Bahay Kubo, Nipa Huts and the Casita.

Mansion Villa

The Bahay Kubo rooms:

The Casita rooms are suited for the whole family as it has a living room and two spacious bedrooms.

We then enjoyed a hearty lunch in the resort's restaurants overlooking the fine white sand beach of Bolinao.

Gael Hilotin with Cai Abass, Ada Lajara, Josh Uy, Marky Ramone Go, Mica Rodriguez, Darwin Cayetano
photo credit: pusangkalye.net
During the night we enjoyed another sumptuous dinner and capped it off with cocktails by the beach and swimming on the pool and the jacuzzi. It was a great weekend celebrating one of our friend's birthday. The place is a perfect spot to just relax over the weekend and worrying about nothing else.

Ada Lajara, Josh Uy, Marky Ramone Go, Darwin Cayetano
Photo credit: pusangkalye.net

For inquiries and booking please visit Puerto Del Sol's website at: http://www.puertodelsol.com.ph/