Rediscovering Hundred Islands in Alaminos | Pangasinan

I first visited the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan when I was about 8 years old. The memories of that trip has become blurred, fuzzy and like a handwritten note kept for so long in one's pocket, the details have slowly faded. I've forgotten the formations of the islands, how white was the sand and how clear are the waters. It's like that infatuation in highschool that you don't bother to include when asked how many lovers you had before. So, technically, yes I've been to Hundred Islands, but memory-wise, I've yet to visit the place. So, when an invite from a fellow travel blogger Myca reached my facebook inbox I hurriedly took the opportunity of tagging along.

Marky Ramone Go, Darwin Cayetano, Gael Hilotin, Cai Abass, Ada Lajara, Josh Uy, Mica Rodriguez

At first I was like, okay join the trip, take pictures, write about it and that's it. However, the trip became more memorable because I got the opportunity to meet new friends, who just like me had this inescapable urge and desire to roam freely around our country, like me they also have their own reasons why they travel, to get to know more of our country - perhaps, or to simply satisfy a longing for the road - might be, or to profess a love for our country - simple as that, and at the same time increase our knowledge and gain experiences that one can never attain by just staying at one place for so long.

It was a great weekend made possible also by the Tourism Office of Alaminos who hosted us, 10 travel bloggers to help them showcase the tourism potential of Pangasinan, particularly the Alaminos city where Hundred Islands is located.

josh, darwin, ada cute, gael, myca, anton, robbie, estan (of and me. (photo credit:
Alaminos, Pangasinan is at most - a 5 hour bus ride from Manila. A very convenient trip for those looking for a quick and worthwhile getaway for the weekend. Along with Gael and Anton, we took the 2am bus from Cubao, we arrived in Alaminos about 7:00 am and joined other travel bloggers, Mica, Estan, Robbie, Darwin, Josh and cutie Ada who were already billeted at the Islandia Resort (home of the 2008 Ms. Earth beauty contestants from all over the world).

After having a quick breakfast consisting of Alaminos longanisa, egg and fried rice we head out to the Hundred Islands for some island hopping, kayaking and snorkeling activities. Mr. Reynaldo Livara Jr. of the Alaminos Tourism office was very gracious, he volunteers as a tour guide by accompanying visitors to the islands.

Mr. Livara was proud to show us the potential of Alaminos as a tourist destination and as I revisit the place with a new set of experience based on what I saw and felt during our visit their over the weekend, I agree with him that it should be promoted further - given that Pangasinan is just a few hours from Manila, Olongapo, Zambales and Baguio it serves as a better option for those looking for a rush escape for the weekend.

Gael: the Pinay Solo Backpacker
We went to Governors Island, which from where we walked towards a shallow part to nearby Shell Island and then rode off the boat again to Quezon island where we had our lunch and kayaked ourselves to a small cave near Quezon island and eventually into the sunset.

Inside the small cave one could see dozens of bats and another small entry towards a further part of the cave which is covered in darkness. Our female kayak guide, who boasts a Vivian Velez cleavage took us to a part of the sea where one can snorkel and see some corals and giant clams. We took a couple of hours kayaking and snorkeling around the area of Quezon island. It was a great work-out for my arm and what better way than doing it on the open waters against the old fashion sweating it out inside a gym.

Josh Uy, Marky Ramone Go, Cai Abass, Ada Lajara, Gael Hilotin, Mica Rodriguez
(photo credit: Rey Livara)

Afterward, Mr. Livara treated us for a busog dinner at the Island Tropics Hotel and Restaurant, this time with Cai - another travel blogger slash fashown mowdel who just arrived in the afternoon that day. One member of our group, Josh celebrated his birthday that day so the trip was very timely for him.

Cai Abass, Gael Hilotin, Estan Cabigas, Ada Lajara, Mica Rodriguez, Darwin Cayetano, Marky Ramone Go
Gael, Myca, Cute Ada, Me, Mr. Rey, Robbie, Josh, Cai and Estan 

Take any bus in Cubao, Manila or Pasay to Alaminos, from there take a trike from downtown to Lucap (near the hundred islands port) or one can take any bus that goes to Bolinao, Anda and Agno because all these buses also passes through Alaminos.

- Boat rental starts at 800.00 good for 4-6 people.