If You See Her at Honda Bay, Say Hello

This was the continuation of the interrupted process that happened here. It was almost a mass of water as large as the sea have formed between us. I could feel the blank and puzzled stare at my shoulder, I too could only look at her with amazement at how things could turn around so quickly. Maybe it has always been my weakness that I always force someone to pick up a hammer and hit my head with it. The boat ride was extra torture as it travels at half the speed of ordinary boats. The whole trip though was ably made up by the ever presence of wonderful scenery across Honda Bay.

Traveling brings that quiet peace wherein you could think about things that bothers you. I was bothered by her reactions to my seemingly silent and mediocre social skills towards her friends. To her, that was like a slap on her face. I admit that I wasn't born a social kangaroo ready to hop and high five people I met for the first time. I'm used to traveling with my own friends and lately, been indulging in solo trips. It has nothing to do with the people around me, give me time and I'll settle down and will slowly open up, just as I did with the many people I met while on the road.

Part of our conflict arose from the geographical location from each other, she went home only for this trip and as soon as this was over she hurried back across the Pacific where she has been working the past couple of years. Another was the, seemingly high expectations we've set out for each other - considering this is only our second date - laugh out loud, you read that right.

Getting to know one person does not lie on being friends with her brother and having a few other common friends. I guess, I lacked the effort of reaching more out to her and relied on this trip to make our budding relationship took off. Sadly, I forgot to put into equation, that it could also break whatever momentum we've managed to ride on.

Days after this trip, we've decided to keep in touch and try to go back to where we're at. I think that was just an empty promise we both know would not happen again. I did moved on from this failed attempt at having myself a permanent travel buddy hehe. But, looking back - it was more than the frustration, it has something more to offer, it was a trip special in its own way. We may have failed to capitalize at that wonderful opportunity, this trip have impacted our perspectives on a lot of things. The highs and the lows of that brief 3-day weekend, I can say for myself, will forever remind me of her in an endearing yet brutal way. Her honesty, with no sugar coating and in your face remarks - though like a rampaging flood water that carried me off my feet, can be consider as such signs of compassion and sincere concerns, masked in rejection at first - but who knows as long as the door was left ajar, the answer still will come someday. Maybe we could still have that antalya holidays we talked about.

We had lunch at Pandan Island, an island that reminded me of other islands in the Philippines I've been before. Long stretch of white sands, clear blue waters, a few meters deep and you'll see corals and if you brought with you some piece of bread - you'd be able to feed different species of fish. Coconut trees stood all over the island, Nipa huts and cottages, and for some reason the island caretakers - same as with a lot of islands, erected those colorful flags that I find silly and unwarranted. 

Our guide and the boat crew cooked our food which consisted of grilled liempo, squid adobo and grilled fish. We had lunch on one of the nipa huts while a bunch of dogs wander around begging for food while impersonating their own self when they were still puppies, by trying hard to look cute and adorable.

Next stop was Snake Island, a longer stretch of white sand formed like a snake when seen from the air as I imagine, mangroves on the side and a wide shore provides ample space for beach frolicking and camping out. Here, you can also feeds the fish and see some corals with your snorkeling gear. Honda Bay was an alright follow-up to an awesome trip exploring the subterranean underground river. Puerto Princesa has a lot more to offer and doing a 3 day gig wont cover it all. Still, travel-wise it was an awesome weekend for me and the people I went there with.  

Maybe, I was just dwelling much on the failed personal agenda of the trip. She's now back in the Merlion country doing things she normally does. I've never had any communication with her the past few weeks, but I'm itching to say catch up on her and quoting the great Bob Dylan, maybe "If you see her, Say Hello" for me.