Nomadic Video 1: Masskara Festival

I've been wanting to make a music video of some of my trips but haven't really sat down and edit some video clips. It doesn't help when my phone with a respectable video quality was stolen off inside the LRT last December, taking along with it countless video clips which, unfortunately wasn't transferred yet to my laptop. I had a blast putting this music video out in an hour of editing and exploring the controls of "Windows Live Movie Maker", but with the limited video clips I was happy at the result. Plus the song of the Pixies, "Where is My Mind" made it a bit better. 

Nomadic Video # 1:

I am now planning to feature videos of my trips on this blog from now and moving forward. First, I've to score a kick-ass but affordable video camera first. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Anyway, hope you enjoy this music video of some of the things that I experienced in last year's Masskara Festival in Bacolod.