Breakfast at Antonio’s with the Crazies

I heave a sigh of relief when the guards asked us if we have any reservations to Antonio's Restaurant, to which Eileen Campos answered with a negative. Earlier on the car, Lauren was saying "Ang cute, we shall have lunch at Antonio's" and I was like thinking "yeah read online that the average meal costs 1,500 pesos". I could not complain since I'm just a passenger on the car and these two lovable crazies might ask me to buy a pack of black Marlboro on a random highway store and might speed off the moment I get off. So I stayed put planning to order only a glass of iced tea and chips, if ever they serve some. We primarily went to Tagaytay for a foodtrip, but not necessarily to splurge. To think, it was a trip that started when Lauren texted me about a 1,000 peso Pampanga foodtrip challenge.

Eileen Campos

So the guard, told us we could eat at "Breakfast at Antonio's" which is located almost next door to the NBA of fine dining in Tagaytay, the aforementioned "Antonio's Restaurant". Breakfast at Antonio's serves all day breakfast from 7am - 4pm and is open Tuesday - Saturday. It was like as Eileen suggests, sort of like the "D-League" for the Big League next door. "Before you dine in at Antonio's you need to eat here first" she jokingly told us in an attempt to hide her and Lauren's slight disappointment (and my 'yes' moment) of being barred from Antonio's for having no reservations.

I had a hard time ordering, just like all the time when I'm in a fine dining restaurant (which happens rarely) so I asked the waiter what's the best-seller. He showed me the "steak and eggs" but its worth 1,200 pesos. I ignored his suggestion as if he was suggesting me to set myself on fire. In the end, I settled for a very "adventurous" selection (just kidding) of "Sausage Omelette" which cost me 380.00 bucks. Ouch! Lauren ordered "Beef Sinigang in Rice Noodles" because she think its cute, while Eileen Campos settled for a sandwich which I forgot what its called.

Everyone knows in fine dining you not only pay for the food, but the ambiance or what they call it, the presentation of the food. I liked Lauren's Beef Sinigang's presentation, never had that kind of meal that took time to prepare - aesthetically before. 

"Breakfast at Antonio's" dishes an environment-friendly vibe despite its the location in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Brgy Neogan, Tagaytay. On the way here we saw a sign that says "Populated Zone" that has both Eileen Campos and Lauren laughing their butt off. I mean, what the hell does that sign means? I would understand if we're in a zombie movie and a sign that says "Populated Zone" will have us pumping fists in the air and shouting for joy at the mere thought of an existing living population. 

As we rolled inside the compound aboard Eileen's decent late 90's Toyota Corolla, we instantly knew that Antonio's isn't your ordinary Tagaytay Bulalo-eatery. Expensive looking cars occupies the parking spaces, from SUV's to a Jaguar look-alike (but its not a Jaguar), Mitsubishi Eclipse and only one average car - a still spanking-looking early 2000's Galant.

What we lacked in coolness - automobile speaking, my companions Eileen Campos and Lauren made up with their elegant features. I mean Eileen walks in a madame-like appearance while Lauren is forever cute in her rugged shorts and bouncy catwalk gestures, while me? I'm the George Estregan Jr. in an Asiong Salonga mode, escort of the two.

"uhm a cat jumped into my plate" 
After our breakfast, which ended quicker as we planned, as we would love to enjoy the place more, because one of the staff pointed the cool air blower into our direction thus transforming Tagaytay to the first base camp of Mount Everest in terms wind velocity. Afterwhich, we paid our bill, most of which will be charged to the fond memory of at least dining in our self described training boot camp of "Antonio's Restaurant".

There is a picturesque garden around Breakfast at Antonio's and the whole compound was properly landscaped along with brick steps that reminded me of Sonia's Garden, also in Tagaytay. We took a peek of the real Antonio's located a few steps from the All-day Breakfast place and a receptionist told us, that reservation usually takes a few days prior to your planned dining and on holidays such as Christmas and Valentines day, reservations are made few months in advance.

I can see why Antonio's is one of the more popular restaurants not only in Tagaytay, if you have extra money then why not treat yourself to a pricey meal. But if you just had enough, like us - then try the all day breakfast menu first, at its next door and little brother "Breakfast at Antonio's" as Eileen says, it's like the boot camp for the big one.

the main Antonio's Restaurant
My taste buds were satisfied eating the food I ordered and also having a taste of Eileen's and Lauren's, while my stomach was like wasn't fully satisfied since fine dining usually does not serve a big serving, we definitely made up for it by having Bulalo later in the night at a much cheaper price but also at a place with a lesser ambiance somewhere in Tagaytay.