A Wham Bam 3D/2N Itinerary | Albay and Sorsogon

There is so much to do in three hours - as a number of sleazy motels suggests. What more in twenty-four hours times three? That's almost like an eternity for a traveler, as time like places, should not looked upon as a hindrance to satisfy a craving and a wonder for exploring previously undiscovered locations. Your job isn't your whole life, so email your immediate superior pronto and pencil out that coming long weekend for an "Amazing Race"-kind of trip, even in the farthest and beautiful countryside. Suck it all up and enjoy what the road can offer, because in a span of 3 Days and 2 Nights, you can experience a trip that will finally kickstart your desire to travel further. Give yourself a break, dip your feet into the water and taste the wonderful orgasmic feeling of being on the road. I'm betting my old wrist watch, you will be making another travel plans the moment you return back to sleep on your old familiar bed.

Here is a sample itinerary that me and a friend was able to sandwich between our demanding day jobs. A trip that took us from Cubao - Naga - Legazpi - Matnog, Sorsogon (and within a herculean stone throw away from Samar) and back. All within a span of 3 Days and 2 nights. 

Day 1: 

7:00 AM - Instead of getting extra sleep at home and starting a ridiculously forgettable weekend, me and my friend Bammie was just starting to ride a Naga bound bus in Cubao.

3:00 PM - I should have been napping at home, or adding beautiful strangers on facebook at this time, but not this day though, as we just said hello to Naga at around mid-afternoon. Tired, yes but screw it - traveling a hectic pace is exciting given you're doing it with a game travel-buddy who do not complain and my friend Bammie was anything a hardcore traveler should be. 

3:05 PM - I went searching for a comfort room at the bus terminal in Naga, saw SM City Naga from a distance. Had a quick bite of their version of "Scott Burger"

3:30 PM - boarded a bus en-route to Legazpi, Albay.

Around 6:00 PM (I stopped worrying bout time) - we finally arrived in Legazpi. We went around looking for an affordable inn and came across with this hostel with an attitude - a mere walking distance from the St. Gregory Cathedral. (you can easily find other inns and hostels in the area that suits your taste).

7:00 PM - after taking a quick shower at the hostel's bathroom the size of a ref, we had dinner at Small Talk Cafe. A nice little cozy place which is only a short walking distance from our place.

9:00 PM - We took a trike to Embarcadero de Legaspi - its a party place with rows of bars and restaurants along the bay that offers a view of the Mayon Volcano during the day.

Day 2

6:00 am - We woke up early with back pains from the double bed of our hostel which was made with one half bare wood - other half with padding. Hustle up to go early to Daraga Church which is just a few minutes away from Legaspi.

7:00 am - We marveled at the historic ruins of Cagsawa Church with the postcard-material Mayon Volcano appearing perfectly at the background (on a sunny day). We didn't get that one though as the thick dark cloud remnants of Typhoon Mina covered the volcano like a jealous lover.

we just used our imagination to see Mayon Volcano

9:00 am - We hiked up Lignon hill to get a great view of the city, which includes watching planes fly and land at Legaspi airport. The hike takes 5 minutes if you're a maniac capable of running uphill at the speed of Usain Bolt, but for normal junkies like me, it takes 25-30 minutes. There's also 200 meter zipline at the top.

11:00 am - Brunch at Bigg's Diner, which is near St. Gregory Cathedral.

12:00 pm - packed up and took a jeepney to Legazpi Grand Central Terminal

12:30 pm - We took a bus to Sorsogon. Don't sleep on the bus as the scenery is awesome. "Weh" you said? then read this post: "Weaving through Scenic Sorsogon"

3:00 pm - Sorsogon city proper. Check the church, grab a quick chow and take a jeep heading to Matnog, Sorsogon. 

5:00 pm - Matnog, Sorsogon - go to the tourism office near the port and ask for a cheap place to stay (they will recommend you to this beach resort nearby-I forgot the name sorry). Take note of the arch by the port that says "you are now leaving the island of Luzon" as Samar is just an hour ferry boat away. Cool hey?

6:00 pm - Chill out at the beach, on a nipa hut. (300 pesos for the night).

Day 3

6:00 am - Travel Gods blesses those who rise and shine early. You will cover more ground if you resist being a sleepy-head. So get up, stand up and don't be the last team to step over the Amazing Race mat.

7:00 am - after a blitz breakfast we took a boat ride to Juag Fish Sanctuary. You can feed the fishes here and swim with them, given you haven't applied any lotion or sun block yet on your skin.

8:00 am - departed Juag for Calintaan Island's Subic Beach.

8:30 am - 11:30 am - you can bring packed lunch (don't leave your trash) and eat here in between swimming. You can stay shorter to be able to pass by Tikling Island nearby.


12:00 pm - back in Matnog - freshen up and take the jeepney to Sorsogon but tell the driver to drop you off the road leading to Gubat, Sorsogon. Take a 15 minute jeep to Gubat then from the market take another 20 minute jeepney to Barcelona, Sorsogon just like what we did.

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm - Visit St. Joseph's Church - a 19th century church made up of stone slabs from the ocean. The Church fronts the sea and ruins of Spanish era structures can also be found near the sea.

6:00 pm - By this time, you will find yourselves back in Sorsogon and only a 10 hour bus ride away from Manila.

There you go, an ideal 3-days and 2-nights itinerary with a few hours extending into the third night. I suggest you head straight to work upon arriving at Cubao bus terminal, that way you won't miss a day's work. Tired? yes! but for bragging rights, you will have the most amazing weekend story to tell to your officemates, most of whom for sure spent their weekends watching dvd's at home.