Group Selfie at Katibawasan Falls | Camiguin

During myself and Tina's birthday trip to Camiguin in 2010, we were not able to visit Katibawasan Falls because we spent the whole afternoon lounging under the red hot sun at White Island. We drank red horse and feasted on the swaki (sea urchin) that crawled over Lot's tattooed back. It took three years for me to get another chance to visit the island province courtesy of an invite from Cebu Pacific and the Tourism office of Camiguin. 

Celine Murillo

We flew out of Manila early in the morning and landed in Cebu for a quick breakfast, before we took the connecting flight to Mambajao Airport in Camiguin. After arriving we were hurriedly taken to our cozy home for three days, Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin Resort or often referred to as the BBC. 

Waterfalls in Mindanao

After dropping our stuff inside our assigned rooms and a 15 minute power nap we headed straight to check out the first item on our itinerary: Katibawasan Falls. The waterfalls cascades 250 feet down to an oval pool surrounded by green vegetation consisting of various plant species and orchids. We spent a little over half an hour in the place, at that time nobody among us were in the mood to take a dive except surfer dude Journeying James. 

Jessica Cuenca

Standing near the pool you could see and feel mists of water coming from the towering waterfalls. Actually I was just thinking about whether to jump into the water or not, It's just that I'm not sure how long we're going to stay there. So I decided to keep my shorts up and my shirt covering my washboard abs on.

Rudyard "Kiping"
Just beside the entrance gate, stalls selling "Kiping" and other souvenir items can be found. Kiping is a local delicacy made from cassava which looks like a crispier version of spring roll wrappers and is poured on with a sweetening syrup called 'latik'. Each of us sampled it with a few crispy bites, I found it as an ideal dessert after a sumptuous picnic near Katibawasan waterfalls.


After having our 'group selfies' we packed up and headed to Paras Resort for our lunch. From there we could already see White Island, the small sandbar surrounded by crystal clear water is perfect for an afternoon of snorkeling. 

Cebu Pacific Famtrip

It was during our lunch conversation that Lloyd pitched the idea to Lois to hold a training boot-camp to choose the next Sole Sisters. The trainees will be called as "Sole Sisterettes". Anyway this are travel blogging talk, and it's always good to find myself sometime traveling with people within the travel blogging community. We all operate along a same frequency, and in more ways than one, kindred souls not only for our love of traveling.

lunch in Camiguin

Flight info:
The Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, Cebu Pacific Air is the only airline offering direct flights to Camiguin. It operates flights from Cebu to Camiguin every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, for as low as P588. For the latest seat sales and promos, go to, call (02)7020-888 or check Cebu Pacific Air’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Camiguin trip info: 

Juan for Fun info: 
Cebu Pacific Air is looking for five teams of three university students each, who are raring to go on the 2013 Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge. Video entries may be sent from June 14 to July 29, 2013, and the top five teams will get to go on a week-long all expenses paid trip to six Philippine destinations. Visit or Cebu Pacific Air’s official Facebook and Twitter pages for more challenge details.

The Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge is presented by Department of Tourism, and supported by Canon and Wenger.