Postcard Series: Grassland | Batanes

Everywhere you gaze your eyes you catch a wonderful scene. Staring at the slopes of the rolling hills forming outlines of a lover's embrace, you feel the hard travelling wind as it brushes off your face. It was cold alright, but as the last echoes of light give way to the luminous lighting of the moon rising up from the opposite direction, the setting sun becomes the center of attention. As if signaling the end of day, the herded cows prepare to leave the grassland by slowly walking towards their resting place for the night. I catch a last glimpse of the rounded sun before it kisses the edge of the vast ocean. 

Audrey Tangonon

Postcard Series is a digital throwback to the good ole days of sending postcards to your love ones back home. It consist of a single photograph and a brief narrative of less than 100 words.