ATV Riding near Mayon Volcano | Albay

They say Mayon Volcano only appear in its full glory only when it likes you. I guess, during my first and second visits here, the mountain wasn’t fond of me. On this trip though, she clearly showed her approval as she appear naked all throughout. With patches of thick clouds quickly passing the tip of her perfect cone-shaped peak, the Mayon blessed us with her presence, as we romped over the lava hardened soil beneath her. Aboard ATV vehicles, we crossed streams of water and careened up and down muddy trails to the echoes of jubilant screams of "Yahoo".

ATV ride in Mayon with Monette Santillan

Quick Escape to Girlfriend’s Hometown of Legazpi

I was in Legazpi to accompany my girlfriend attending a wedding of her childhood friend. Post-wedding, we allotted a day to explore the city. We went to the beautiful Daraga Church, hiked all the way up Lignon Hill—while carrying her adorable one-year old nephew Ababou—and an ATV ride near Mayon.

ATV ride in Mayon with Monette Santillan

It was a memorable week highlighted by our afternoon adventure on the wide expanse of the foot of Mayon. I’ve driven a few ATVs before but none more magnificent than the trail here. From rock-strewn to sandy to muddy and even grass covered trail, we rode over them all at ease—thanks to the power lift of the toys we’re riding.

Marky Ramone Go riding an ATV

There were parts along the route when I thought I’d be hard-pressed to pull off, like the steep terrain dotted with gravels or the knee-deep rivulets. Each time though, with just a mild cry from my ATV’s engine, its horsepower kicks in to a higher gear therefore pushing me through the tricky landscape with ease.

Marky Ramone Go and ATV ride in Mayon with Monette Santillan

We call those portions of the trail as level-up obstacles where I and Monette would ecstatically cap with a celebratory holler each time we pass through.

Marky Ramone Go

The whole ride lasted for a couple of hours, just enough time to feel all the adrenalin and rush of wheezing through the landscape sculpted by numerous eruptions of Mayon. It began with a brief orientation at the booking office of Bicol Adventure ATV—the outfitter of ATV rides in Mayon, as well as other activities like zip lining and guided hikes—and ends back there with a refreshing drink.

Marky Ramone Go and Levy Amosin

Over-all, the ATV ride in Mayon is a great way to experience a thrilling activity while enjoying the great outdoors of Legazpi, Albay. Pray that the weather cooperate and the clouds not to cover Mayon like a curtain, because riding an ATV with the volcano as a game spectator makes the experience a whole lot better.

How to get to Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, Albay

Manila to Legaspi: Bus trips starting from Pasay and Cubao take you to Legazpi in about 9-10 hours.

Flights from Manila to Legazpi are also available via Cebu Pacific Air.