6 Ways to Bring a Sense of Adventure into Home Life

February 17, 2021

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been spending a lot more time in their homes. This has been a walk in the park for some individuals, but for those who are adventurous, the lockdown has been a frustrating waste of valuable time that could have been used to explore new places or try new activities. Even when times are normal, however, some people struggle with new experiences due to limitations with their budget, work obligations, and family responsibilities. If you are sick of being stuck in one place, here are six ways to bring a sense of adventure into your home life.

A Cycling Tour and a Kababayan Encounter in Mandalay | Myanmar

December 11, 2020


Mandalay is a place I regretted not seeing during my first visit to Myanmar in 2013 with friends. Things were different on my return trip in 2016, when additional days were on my side. After almost a week of exploring the vast plains of Bagan aboard an e-motorcycle, I made the half day land trip to the former royal capital of Myanmar.

Dizzy and tired from the sleeper bus journey, I only relaxed for a few minutes at my fine accommodation—the Hotel by the Red Canal—before setting out to explore the food scene of the city.

Koryn Iledan

Glorious Gwalior Fort Up-Close | Madhya Pradesh, India

December 05, 2020


As I was letting every second of being awed linger gratifyingly, I fixated my thoughts on the massive walls of Gwalior Fort. I started wondering about the stories of resilient kingdoms and bloody battles it conceals. Like peeling off layers of a paint, I survey the colossal architectural grandeur of the 8th century structure before me and briefly imagined being transported in time.

Jeni Cabacungan

Find Yourself in the Cordilleras: The Farming Communities of Benguet and Mountain Province

November 23, 2020

Home to a magnificent set of picturesque highland countryside, the region of the Cordillera features an abundance of wonders. From its cool weather all year long to its majestic set of nature, fascinating culture and mouth-watering local cuisine, an all too familiar feature of the region is gaining much needed attention today. These are the fruit and vegetable farms of Benguet and Mountain Province. 

Mujee Gonzales, Christian Sangoyo, Gretchen Filart, Celine Murillo and Levy Amosin

Ancient Cham Ruins at My Son Sanctuary | Vietnam

November 08, 2020



Waking up to a rainy and foggy morning had me entertaining the idea of staying in until lunch curled up on my bed. Appealing the thought may be, the chance to see another UNESCO World Heritage Site reigned over and proved to be enough of a motivation to make me stand up, stretch my hands and face the window announcing to myself “Good Morning Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Guide

A Guide to Calayan Island in Northern Philippines

October 20, 2020


Part of the isolated cluster of Babuyanes Islands, this offbeat Island boasts of a bounteous set of rugged nature.

Despite living in an archipelago boasting some of the finest beaches and islands in the world, I still find myself dropping my jaw at a sight of a marvelous island setting. Such is the effect Calayan Island had on me the moment I first laid eyes on it. As the only municipality among the group of Islands of Babuyan—a cluster of pristine isles situated several miles off the northern tip of Luzon, Calayan appears so remote and full of raw beauty.

Celine Murillo

Why Help Our Local Farmers?

October 07, 2020


It isn’t a question of “Why?” anymore. Rather, “How?” as in how we can help our farmers more? should be the fitting query. Fortunately, a long overdue response to the plight of our farmers is now taking shape. Thanks to small entrepreneurs like the Local Goodness PH, local produce from far communities are finding its way straight to the doorsteps and into the table of new consumers. Suddenly, the concept of farm-to-table is slowly becoming a reality.

Jomie Naynes
Farmers in a vegetable farm in Mountain Province gathers their day's fresh produce

Where to Stay in Boracay: Azalea Hotels and Residences | Aklan

September 09, 2020


As a frequent guest of Azalea’s Baguio property, I already have an inkling of what to expect at their Boracay location. Still, upon our arrival, I was taken aback by the niceties of the layout that blends perfectly with the vibe of the island. The wide entrance highlighted by the globe fountain and centerpiece quickly arrested my attention. The available space creates an additional charm befitting the post-modern architecture of the five-story establishment bursting with appealing lines and patterns. 

Jen Contreras