Northern Pit Stop at Kapurpurawan Rock Formation | Ilocos Norte

After a couple of days in Vigan, we proceeded to Laoag in Ilocos Norte where we stayed for another night. We visited various attractions like the Malacañang of the North, the Marcos Museum, and the historic Church of Paoay before capping it off with a wild ride over the sand dunes of La Paz. Mirroring the hectic pace of the contestants of the Amazing Race, we hustled the next day to continue our northern road trip to Pagudpud.

Monnette Santillan

Reaching the next leg of our journey shouldn’t last more than two hours, howeverwith the imaginary Phil Keoghan dictating our wanderlust quirks–we decided not to skip the interesting places along the way. One of which is the magnificent rock formations of Kapurpurawan.

Kapurpurawan Rock en Roll to the World

Battered and sculpted by the waves of the West Philippine Sea for thousands of years, the milky white rock formations of Kapurpurawan bulges along the stony coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte like a starboard of a submarine, manning the shoreline as a mock nature lookout.

Marky Ramone Go with Monnette Santillan

A process known to science as sedimentation explains the process behind the elements that shaped Kapurpurawan–a combination of wind, sea water and numerous other tiny Earth particles. Just by staring at it and you get the drift of how old our planet is. Our lifetime is just a tiny blip in its unending trajectory of life.

Marky Ramone Go with Monnette Santillan

Going near the main rock formation of Kapurpurawan isn’t allowed anymore–which is the correct call–since it started to show signs of shredding. We hanged out at the pebbly shore for almost an hour just listening to the harmonious hissing of the wind and the swells of the ocean banging at the solid walls of Kapurpurawan.

Monnette Santillan

As we make our short hike back to the town’s main road, I made sure to steal glances of Kapurpurawan by turning my head and appreciating its comely appearance. From afar it appears as a commonplace piece of rock but totally splendid when you’re right in front of it. Such a tease slice of Mother Nature I told myself. As I held hands with my girlfriend Monnette, we clown our way pleased at how our little road trip is sending us wonderful surprises.

Marky Ramone Go

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